July 15, 2013

RTW Itinerary Assistance

If you are reading this, it means you belong to a community of like-minded travelers. A community who loves to help one another and offer assistance to those planning big trips.

Below is a trip that a Bootsnall RTW Planner, Henrik, is currently planning with his wife and 3 children (under 8-years-old). Do you have advice or related experience for him? Any tips to maximize his route and maybe save him a few bucks along the way? What would you do differently? Comment below to share your thoughts.

If you have route planning anxiety of your own, submit your route below and get feedback like Henrik. Sign up for a free account on Indie, build your route, save it, and put the link in the comments.

The BootsnAll community was built around like-minded travelers helping each other and inspiring them to get on the road and take an indie trip. It’s something we believe every human should do at least once in their lives. Any input you could offer would be appreciated.

Here is the route on a bigger map page (17 stops)

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6 Responses to RTW Itinerary Assistance

  1. Obviously the trip is designed to cross the Pacific with a stop in Easter Island. I doubt that it is worth stopping in Tahiti unless it comes free. The breakup of the stops in 10 day intervals is probably just an initial stage of planning. I haven’t been to Perth but we were very happy with crossing the Outback in April- May and fly from Darwin to Bali. South-East Asia is a paradise with children and at the right time of the year you should get around and spend time there. I would assume you included the Bangkok Tallinn flight on your RTW itinerary, but the flights in South East Asia should be booked separately on AirAsia or whatever alternative. Just get around Kuala Lumpur and fly from there anywhere you want for cheap. You should plan to take the children to Siem Reap, they will have fun, but the adults would really appreciate it. From my own experience, I wouldn’t stop for more than three days in New Zealand (so you can still count it) and spend a month or more for same money in South India. Good luck!

  2. says:

    Couple of suggestions. In Indonesia, not sure of Muslim islands, suggest Bali instead and the amazing artisan town of Ubud in particular. Also, find craft and cooking adventures/classes for the little ones every couple of places you are going so they can experience the culture from an intimate kind of view rather than just the temples and museums and animal/botanical parks exclusively.

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    I agree – that’s a lot of places in a short amount of time, especially with three kids. That said, travelling with kids will open doors – especially in developing countries. This can be a real blessing when almost everything takes longer than planned.

    Also, check out Servas, an international organization that connects travelers with local hosts. There are many to love to host families – particularly in some of the countries on the agenda. http://www.servas.org.

    Have a fantastic trip!

  4. says:

    Why Lima? 10 days there? Definitely a bad choice for me, noting to see, with the exception of Nazca (1 day trip from lima)

    La Paz would be a much better choice, for the setting and the Titicaca lake which are wonderful.

    In La Paz, as well as in Cuzco, you should take into account the problem of altitude. Living at 3500-4000 meters is not easy, and you can have even serious problems. Consider AT LEAST a couple of days of relax to get comfortable with the altitude (which is usually a much bigger issue for adults than for children)

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    Henrick’s travel is from west to east. For more comfort, he should consider traveling from east to west. The jet lag is considerably less pronounced, for us at least, when we travel with the sun. And the flight across the Pacific is the worst — it can be a killer; so get that one over with and relax in Hong Kong or Singapore for a few days.

  6. says:

    My first question is: Why so many places (17) within 5 months?

    2) What is the purpose of the trip?

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