June 18, 2013

June 2013 Fares for Multi-Stop Tickets

If you’re a family who has been dreaming of exiting the world of carpools, nonstop extracurricular events, and the hectic pace that is life in the western world, let BootsnAll help.

Plan Your RTW Trip in 30 Days is a free email lesson plan introduced by BootsnAll in February 2013. It has been a massive success (users have rated it 9.07/10), and it gives travelers all the tools necessary to stay organized while planning that big trip.

Yesterday, BootsnAll launched a new version of this free resource – Plan Your RTW Trip in 30 Days – Family Edition – geared towards those families who want to go outside cultural norms and hit the road. Sign up today – it’s free!

Family Jumping

We like to highlight cool indie trips we create on our trip planner. Check out these five fares we’ve found this month on Indie, BootsnAll’s Multi-Stop Trip Planner

1. Highlights of the World – $2809

New York City > San Francisco > Tokyo > Taipei > Calcutta >overland> Mumbai > Amman > Paris >overland> London > New York CIty from $2809 taxes and fees included.

2. Round the US and Central America – $1766

Toronto > Philadelphia >overland> New York > Mexico City >overland> Guatemala City > Panama City > Portland > Toronto  $1766taxes and fees included.

3.Round Asia – $2530

Dublin > Saint Petersburg >overland> Beijing > Seoul > Tokyo > Bangkok > Kathmandu > New Delhi >overland> Mumbai > Dublin  from $2530 taxes and fees included.

4. Exploring the US- $1824

London > New York City >overland> Portland, ME >overland> Bangor >overland> Boston > Chicago > Denver > New Orleans > Miami > London from $1824 taxes and fees included.

5. Travel RTW from Sydney – $2731

Sydney > Los Angeles >overland> Las Vegas >overland> Austin > New York > Barcelona >overland> Paris > Bangkok >overland> Singapore >Sydney from $2731 taxes and fees included.

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