July 20, 2012

Join BootsnAll’s New Round the World Twitter Chat

We’re always trying to find new ways to connect travelers with other travelers.  We want BootsnAll and our entire indie travel community to be one, big interactive place where like-minded travelers can come to swap information, tips, and share advice on independent travel.

This past Wednesday BootsnAll hosted our very first Round the World Twitter Chat (#rtwchat).  We had lots of participants who shared their thoughts on the topic Should I Go on a Round the World Trip?  It was a blast to chat for an hour with other people who share the same passion for long-term travel that we do.


The only thing that can make it better is for you to join, too!

Next week’s topic is Planning your RTW Route, which is always something that people thinking of going on a long-term trip are concerned with.  It is a great opportunity to chat with others who are in the same position you are in and a great way to pick the brain of those who have already done it.  The more, the merrier, so make sure to search for hashtag #rtwchat on Twitter next Wednesday starting at 3:30pm EST.

We’re all about helping people make their RTW travel dreams come true, which is why we’ve hosted two free webinars in the past couple weeks.  We hosted these first two webinars as a way of testing the waters and seeing how much interest there was in a tool like this, and the response has been great.  If this is something you’re interested in, we’d love to hear from you.  Fill out this short form to be first on the list when we host our next series of webinars.

Happy travels!

Photo credit: antwerpenR

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