March 22, 2010

Cheap Multi-Stop Flights

Planning an [almost] around the world trip?  Sometimes when you’re not going all the way around the world a multi-city flight (often called a multi-stop or open jaw if you’re traveling overland, too) can be a cheaper option. For example, if you’re flying from Los Angeles to Hawaii to Australia and back to Los Angeles, a multi-stop flight could be your best bet, and Indie, BootsnAll’s multi-country flight finder, is probably your best bet s it’s quick, simple, and easy to get multiple fares with a few clicks.

How to find the cheapest multi-stop flights:

  1. Log onto Indie, enter your destinations and dates, and click “Search fares.”
  2. Know your regions – a multi-stop flight from LA to a few major cities in South America could be comparable to an RTW ticket.
  3. Fly through major transportation hubs: LAX, NYC, LON, LIM etc
  4. If you’re having trouble finding a good fare, click on the “comment bubble” icon in the route toolbox at the bottom of the page to get advice from one of our experts.

Build your own multi-stop flight:

Indie is the only tool out there on the internet that allows you to search more than 6 legs (we allow you to search and book up to a 25-leg trip), but here are a few other sites to check out if your trip is less than 6 legs.

Expedia multi-stop flights (5 stops maximum)
Kayak multi-city search (6 stops maximum) (6 stops maximum)


Multi-city flights can be a deal for shorter, across (instead of around) the world trips with only one to two extra stops added in.

2 Responses to Cheap Multi-Stop Flights

  1. says:

    I am planning a multi-leg international trip. I would like to know what you can offer me on Economy Class and on Business Class. The trip is:

    Feb 18 – Abu Dhabi to Paris
    Feb 22 – Paris to Zurich
    Feb 27 – Zurich to New York
    Mar 3 – New York to Atlanta
    Mar 4 – Atlanta to Houston
    Mar 6 – Dallas to San Diego
    Mar 8 – San Diego to Abu Dhabi

    Maybe an around the world ticket is better than a round trip. If so, then a stop over in Seoul would be best.

    Please get back to me with pricing and routes.

    I look forward to your prompt response

    Thank you

  2. says:


    I am interested in booking some flights for April. The earlier the better but I have no specific dates in mind, so price will determine when I go.

    I am planning on flying from London, UK to Lima, Peru – one way. What are the best prices you are able to offer.

    The other option is that I purchase a Round-the-world ticket and visit my hometown Brisbane on the way.

    Can you also provide your best prices for a RTW ticket from London-Brisbane-Lima-London. Once again not time critical but hoping to travel early April

    Thank you in advance


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