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Using Skype for voice calls while traveling is easy and often free

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Only a few years ago, trying to make or receive phone calls while traveling was difficult and often very expensive. That can still be the case in many places without a good tourist infrastructure, but several recent developments have made it easy and cheap, even for quality that is amazingly good.

Skype is the best VoIP service

Forget bringing a mobile phone and dealing with sim cards, and also forget about those confusing calling cards that were necessary in most countries until recently. Sign up for a Skype account, and you’ve got a free and easy way to make calls anywhere you can get on the internet. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and Skype is the biggest and best of the competing services offering these calls.

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Free Walking Tours Are An Excellent New Trend in Europe and Israel

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Started only in 2006, there is a new revolution spreading around Europe and elsewhere, and it’s especially helpful to RTW travelers and others on strict budgets. A company called Sandeman’s, which was founded by Chris Sandeman in Berlin, has begun offering “free” walking tours of various cites in a very novel way. As someone who has taken 5 of the tours already, I can highly recommend all of them.

A free walking tour?

Okay, so they aren’t exactly free, in that before the tour begins the guide will mention that the tours are really “tips-based” and not intended as some benevolent offer to tourists. You could literally pay nothing and walk away at the end, and some people do this on nearly every tour, but most people find the tours to be extremely interesting and fun, so a tip of perhaps €5 or £5 feels like a good deal, and enough that the guide feels appreciated. The guides will also usually point out the sterile tour buses making a similar route, and that those tourists are usually paying €20 or more for 90 minutes of prerecorded commentary. (more…)

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