March 23, 2012

Student Flights (Australia) RTW Ticket Review

After releasing our Around the World Airfare Report, we have received a ton of great feedback that is only going to make our quarterly updates ever better and more beneficial for you, the RTW traveler.

We know that there are many more providers who sell round the world plane tickets than the eight we reviewed, and the feedback has offered more options.  The providers being suggested will be in the mix the next time we update the report in June.

Even though we haven’t reviewed this company yet, we wanted to put up a review page in case you have shopped for or bought a RTW ticket with them.  If you have, we want to hear from you.

If you’ve shopped for or used Student Flights Australia for a RTW ticket, please write a review below and rate them based on the stated criteria.  And if there are any other providers that aren’t yet listed, let us know.

The basics of a Student Flights Australia RTW Ticket

  • RTW tickets through Student Flights are not only for students.
  • They have specials just for students.
  • A RTW ticket offers flights with anywhere from 3 to 20 stops.
  • Student Flights has a series of predetermined routes that they sell.
  • If you have a particular itinerary in mind, you can email or call Student Flights and have them put an itinerary together for you.
  • You can also build you own itinerary online (with a max of 9 stops) and have a customer service rep get back to you.

If you have used Student Flights Australia for your round the world trip, we want to hear from you. Comment below to share your experience, and click on the stars below the comment box to rate.

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