May 3, 2012

Special May 2012 Fares for RTW Tickets

There are a lot of myths about long-term, RTW travel floating around out there. These false assumptions keep a large portion of our society from even contemplating the idea of taking off to see the world.

One of the biggest misconceptions about long-term travel is that it’s either for the young or the old – the straight-out-college 20-something-year-old or the retiree. While career breaks have been gaining steam in the US, especially since the financial crisis hit, sending those in their late-twenties and early-thirties on epic trips, traveling families are still quite taboo.

BootsnAll recently published a few articles that hope to help people buck that trend. In Why Raise an Indie Traveler, the author discusses why she is traveling with her child from the get-go. Though admittedly not easy at times, the pros far outweigh the cons.

In 5 Steps to Simplify Family Travel, the author gives a bounty of helpful tips and advice to travel with kids, and she should know as she travels with her husband and FIVE children full-time. One of her biggest arguments for family travel is, “Instead of seeking to make the world ‘family friendly,’ why don’t we instead make our children ‘world friendly?'”

Have you ever traveled long-term with your children? Did your parents travel with you when you were young? If you don’t have kids yet, do you plan on traveling with them? Comment below to share your stories.

If you’re planning an extended trip, then you want to start keeping an eye on airfare specials. BootsnAll has monthly deals that can take you all over the world, so be sure to check out the following deals, which are good through May 31, 2012:

  • Round the Globe -New York – Sydney – OVERLAND – Perth – Bali (Denpasar) – Singapore – Paris – OVERLAND – Frankfurt – New York from $2899 plus taxes.
  • Toronto Take Off – Toronto – Vancouver – Shanghai – Hong Kong – Singapore – OVERLAND – Bangkok – Bombay / Mumbai – Cairo – Istanbul – OVERLAND – London – Toronto from $2849 plus taxes.
  • The Long Way to Europe – New York – Bali (Denpasar) – OVERLAND – Yogyakarta – Singapore – OVERLAND – Chiang Mai – Kunming – Beijing – OVERLAND – Shanghai – Rome – OVERLAND – London – New York from $2649 plus taxes.

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