January 12, 2009

Special January fares for RTW tickets

Whether you’ve resolved to travel more this year or not (and what travelers among us don’t make that resolution pretty much every year?), chances are good that you’ll be at least poking around the web looking for a cheap plane ticket now and then – especially in this economy. But if all you’re looking for is cheap international airfare, we can help you out. In fact, with the deals you’ll find listed below, you may be tempted into making more than just a simple round-trip journey.

See, if you’ve priced out round-trip flights to just about anywhere lately, you’ll recognize that the prices on these multi-stop tickets are pretty incredible. I’ve paid more for a plain old round-trip ticket to Europe than these tickets cost, and with these tickets you’ll get several cities thrown in. So no matter what you think your travel plans will be this year, do yourself a favor and take a look at these tickets. You just might get inspired by one of the itineraries.

Here are the January RTW ticket deals – these prices are good through January 31, 2009.

  • Los Angeles – Lima – Buenos Aires – Sao Paulo – Santiago – Los Angeles from US$1099 (plus taxes)
  • San Francisco – London – Delhi – Singapore – San Francisco from US$1435 (plus taxes)
  • New York – Hong Kong – Bangkok – Singapore – Bali (Denpasar) – Cape Town – New York from US$2399 (plus taxes)

And if these itineraries don’t tickle your fancy completely, that doesn’t mean you have to twiddle your thumbs until next month’s deals come out – start planning your own customized RTW trip in seconds and hit just the cities you want.

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  1. says:

    Thinking of doing a RWT with the following ideas: Dublin to Las Vegas (stay two nights L.V.) Las Vegas to San Francisco(stay 4 nights) San Francisco to maybe Fiji or Hawaii (maybe two/three nights) from either Fiji or Hawaii onto New Zealand (do north and south island) for 12 days and then onto Perth for 10 days, and from Perth home to dublin, but we would like a stopover,(maybe 3days) but we have been to Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok,Cape Town, so is it only Maylasia left, or perhaps you could come up with a better and cost effective iteneary , excuse the spelling,we will be travelling in January 2010 for approx 50 days.

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