October 8, 2012

October 2012 Fares for RTW Tickets

Sometimes the hardest part of taking a career break is actually making the decision to do so.  Many of us who yearn to quit our jobs and hit the open road are met with resistance from those around us.  They just don’t get it.

It’s important to have a support network in place, and if your family and friends just don’t understand, then you may have to start looking elsewhere.  Despite what you may think, there are thousands upon thousands of people, right now, who have left their cozy existences behind to travel the world.  Even in the United States, people are in fact leaving their jobs to travel the world.

That’s where our friends from Meet, Plan, Go! come in.  On October 16, they are hosing their third annual nation-wide event in 10 cities across North America, where you can be inspired and taught how to prepare and plan for taking your own traveling Career Break.

If you are interested in the idea of taking a break from your job to travel the world, then check out the city closest to you and get your tickets for the third annual Meet, Plan, Go! event:

If you are ready to take a career break and hit the road, then check out these five fares that we’ve found on Indie, BootsnAll’s Multi-Stop Trip Planner:

  • Iconic City RTW – $2085 – New York City > Paris > Singapore > New York City – $2085 taxes and fees included
  • Epic Wine Regions of the World RTW – $5785 – San Francisco > Auckland > Sydney >overland> Adelaide > Cape Town > Florence >overland> Bordeaux >overland> Lisbon > San Francisco from $5785 taxes and fees included
  • Ridiculous RTW – $9125 – Denver > Mexico City >overland> Panama City > Quito > Buenos Aires > Ushuaia > Auckland > Sydney > Bali > Manila > Hanoi >overland> Bangkok > Kathmandu > Delhi > Moscow > Berlin > London > Reykjavik > New York > Toronto > Denver from $9125 taxes and fees included
  • Circle Asia from London – $1635 – London > Moscow > Beijing > Delhi > London from $1635taxes and fees included
  • Around the World from Sydney – $3423 – Sydney > Honolulu > San Francisco > New York > Barcelona >overland> Rome > Mumbai >overland> Delhi > Bali > Sydney from $3423 taxes and fees included

If you are looking for something a little different in your round the world trip, then start planning your trip of a lifetime with Indie, our multi-stop trip planner. And don’t forget to sign up for BootsnAll’s RTW newsletter, delivering special deals, RTW trip planning advice, and resources via email every single month. We also have a Facebook fan page and Twitter page, so be sure to like and follow those to keep up to date on all your RTW travel needs.

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