November 6, 2012

New RTW Ticket Report

Planning a round the world trip is a pretty huge undertaking that requires lots of time and research.  Much of this research usually has to do with airfare, as that is the most expensive part of your trip.

Every time someone decides to take a RTW trip, they have to make an important decision – buy a round the world ticket or one-ways.  We tried to simplify this process by publishing our free, downloadable Around the World Airfare Report in March 2012.

We followed that up by publishing a second version in June.  We knew, and admitted, all along that there was a flaw in our research when it came to searching prices on the DIY (Do It Yourself) method of purchasing one-ways.

In the first two reports, we searched all one-way flights over the course of a few days.  When a round the world traveler chooses this option, they usually do so to have the  ultimate flexibility. This means they won’t be purchasing all their flights up front like we searched.

So for our latest version of the report, which is actually an addendum to version 2, we simulated what a search would look like from the road.  We searched one of the same routes we searched in version 2 of the report, and in addition to that initial search back in April, we searched each leg 6 weeks, 1 month, 2 weeks, and every day for the final week before the flight to see how the prices fluctuated based on different search times.

Check out our findings by downloading the free DIY Around the World Airfare Report.

If you haven’t downloaded either of the other reports, you may want to check those out, too, as they each offer something different:

  • Version 1: The Definitive Report on Round the World Tickets – this report analyzes 3 different routes after shopping with multiple companies who specialize in round the world tickets, including the airline alliances.  It also prices the DIY model.
  • Version 2:  Around the World Airfare Research Report – this report analyzes 2 different routes after shopping with multiple companies who specialize in RTW tickets.  The alliances are not included in this report.  It also prices the DIY model with the current addendum at the end.

If you are ready to hit the road, then check out these five fares that we’ve found on Indie, BootsnAll’s Multi-Stop Trip Planner:

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