January 20, 2012

AirTreks RTW Ticket Review

AirtreksWe shopped prices for RTW plane tickets from eight different companies and rated each company based on five criteria – price, search options, customer service, date flexibility, and route flexibility.

Below are the three routes and dates that we shopped:

AirTreks is a company who focuses on multi-stop international travel and enables travelers to create customized itineraries. You can book tickets through one of their agents.


Overall, the price from AirTreks was competitive with the lowest prices on the three itineraries we searched for this project. On average, AirTreks came in at 15.3% higher than the lowest price for each trip. If you want to have your flights set before leaving, going with AirTreks would be a good idea.

Search Options

The online booking tool is easy and simple. And with no strict rules, terms, and conditions to worry about, crafting your itinerary is extremely easy. AirTreks was able to accommodate all three routes we searched, and they were extremely responsive in each case. After filling out the trip planner and submitting the form for a more accurate quote, we received a quote back from a rep the following day. There was a minor glitch when searching one of the routes, but after re-sending the itinerary, we received a quote back in about three hours. If you don’t want to search online, you can call a toll free number and speak to a customer service rep. They have toll free numbers for those living in the US and Canada and a long-distance number for those living outside of North America. AirTreks also has an office in San Francisco where customers can set up an appointment.

Customer Service

We were in constant communication with their representatives, and they always answered our questions in a timely manner. One of the pluses of working with AirTreks is that each customer is assigned a personal travel consultant to work with, and they really do try to accommodate your travel needs. Compared to the alliances, where it was difficult to even get a hold of a person to answer questions, this was a nice treat. Each rep was prompt in their responses and was friendly and knowledgeable. We even chatted with one rep for about 45 minutes after sending in our most complicated itinerary. We were impressed by the amount of time and thought that she put into our trip. We talked quite a while about the itinerary, what could make it better or worse, and what the best options would be for this particular trip. The personal touch was nice.

Date Flexibility

The only place where AirTreks didn’t rate near the top was the ability to change dates. Once you are ready to book, it’s necessary to book all your dates. If you want to change your dates after that, fees are applied according to the airlines’ rules for each individual ticket, plus any additional fare increase and tax. Some airlines do not charge a fee to make changes, others do. For AirTreks, exact fees are advised when tickets are purchased – an additional $100 reissue fee is applied if AirTreks is involved in making a change after tickets are issued.

Route Flexibility

Where it loses points in date change flexibility it makes up for in route and destination flexibility. AirTreks focus more on multi-stop international travel as opposed to traditional RTW tickets. According to their website, AirTreks “enables travelers and travel agents to create customized itineraries — with an unlimited number of destinations — and receive instant online price estimates with one click.” AirTreks doesn’t have any rules and regulations. You can travel any which way you want. You can start and end anywhere. You can travel overland without it counting against any mileage or segment limit because there are no limits. In short, you can craft the exact itinerary you want. And there is no time limit to your ticket.

If you have used AirTreks for your round the world trip, we want to hear from you. Comment below to share your experience, and click on the stars below the comment box to rate.

Overall 4.2 star rating
Price 4 star rating
Customer Service 5 star rating
Date Flexibility 3 star rating
Route Flexibility 5 star rating
Search Options 4 star rating

4.2/5 -
based on 4 reviews

4 Responses to AirTreks RTW Ticket Review

  1. says:

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone! It is much appreciated, and I look forward to seeing more reviews. This will only help other travelers when it comes time to making that RTW flight decision.


  2. says:

    We have been working with Sarah G at AirTreks and she is fantastic – flexible, knowledgeable and excellent with communication!

    Overall 5 star rating Price 5 star rating Customer Service 5 star rating
    Date Flexibility 4 star rating Route Flexibility 5 star rating Search Options 5 star rating
  3. says:

    We just booked our RTW travel with AirTreks (at least the first half of it due to airline fare windows).

    We had a dedicated travel representative (Daniel) and he was engaged, informative, and supportive through the entire process. He was able to not only provide the booking service, but was consultative and extremely helpful in helping us build our itinerary (he has personal experience in many of the places that we are going to, and shared his opinions and recommendations of where we should use air vs overland routes).

    I would recommend AirTreks to any traveler that needs to build a custom, multi-point itinerary – the support from AirTreks is excellent!

    Overall 5 star rating Price 4 star rating Customer Service 5 star rating
    Date Flexibility 2 star rating Route Flexibility 5 star rating Search Options 4 star rating
  4. We used AirTreks for a 9 month rtw trip and were very happy.
    Our agent Danial was great. He got us tickets to all of the places and dates that we wanted before we left the USA.
    We didn’t use the web site or try to change any tickets so I can’t comment on those aspects.
    We were happy with the price. He often suggested lower cost options for route, time, or date.
    I started with SkyTeam but we were going too many places for their rules.
    I will use again if I have the opportunity to repeat a fabulous experience.

    Overall 5 star rating Price 4 star rating Customer Service 4 star rating
    Date Flexibility 5 star rating Route Flexibility 5 star rating Search Options Not Rated

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